There is a lot to be learnt when entering the auto leasing industry. Even those who have leased their vehicles before are still unaware of all the nooks and corners of it. Why? Because no one out there knows exactly how it works and those who do know, guard the knowledge like their family heirlooms. Those who know the industry well are those from auto leasing agencies. But if you have worked with such agencies, you would have noticed that they are very stingy with the details. The moment you ask too many questions or request some additional information, the auto leasing salesmen tend to lose their patience or don’t have the answers. Why? Because most auto leasing companies know that the less educated the customer is, the more gullible they will be. In turn, it will be easier to take them for a ride.

We play an entirely different game. We don’t believe in keeping our customers in the dark at all. We believe in giving our customer as much information as possible so that they are empowered to make the best choices. We will only guide them to do so. We, at Queens Car Lease Deals, have nothing whatsoever to gain by withholding information from you. So, instead of being short or unwelcoming, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. So give us a call on 347-474-3788 and ask away!

Do you offer consultation services?

Many people ask us how we give such a superior service when it comes to auto leasing. Well, if you haven’t figured out yourself, it is because of the people we work with. An organization is as good as the people who work in it. So we, at Queens Car Lease Deals, make sure that we have the best of people to serve our valued customers. From the time you decide to work with us, we assign a dedicated auto leasing consultant to work with you through the whole process. This way, the consultant will be able to understand your requirements and work with you until you find the car that suits you best. We ensure that we hire the best of consultants and invest quite a significant amount to ensure that they are up to our stringent standards of quality. So when you are working with one of our auto leasing consultants, you are probably working with the cream of the auto leasing crop.

Why don’t you offer older models of cars?

Our policy of not leasing old cars is an area where we get a lot of questions on. Lot of people question us on our decision to remove all vintage cars from our inventory. Let us explain why. While vintage cars look nice, they are also a handful to maintain. In addition, the wear and tear cost, from which your monthly lease is calculated, is also more when it comes to old cars. So in addition to costing you an arm and a leg to maintain, they will also force us to demand a larger monthly lease payment from you. So, why not give us a call on 347-474-3788 and we will help you find a new car that will be well suited to you.